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Pre wedding photography

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There are two aspects of pre wedding photography. Firstly, it tells the story of the couple. Second and most important, it captures the emotion between the couple. A pre-wedding photoshoot can tell the story of a couple, like how they started, their favorite times spent with each other, their dreams, passion and love for each other. We at Pixon are eager to churn out the love story of a couple in a photo session. If you are ambitious enough and want to make a beautiful pre wedding shoot in a beautiful valley of Himalayas or in a serene beach of Bay of Bengal we are all game. On the other hand if you want it to be done in a café you use to hang out or in a small staircase of your colonial old ancestral house, we will make it beautiful.

We have done pre wedding photography in Kolkata simply based on the common interest of the couples. Like they both are in music fraternity and we have arranged a shoot based on that. Or they are both football lovers but supporter of two different arch rivals. That led us to a quirky photo session where both of them are in the mood of telling each other sweet nothing.

Please watch our gallery for some fun filled pre wedding photographs.

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